The Significance Of Pastoral Care In Education

“Students do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”- Making a Difference, by author and leadership speaker, Sheila Murray Bethel

There is no denying the fact that being an educator of value is not a small feat. After all, the modern-day educators need not only possess the sound knowledge of the subjects, but also act as evaluators, motivators, and at times, counsellors. The students need to be taught quadratic equations with as much dedication as they are taught the values of self-love and resilience. Thus, for the educational institutes of today, it is not all about the academic progress of the students; rather, the focus has shifted to ensuring holistic wellbeing and development of the young intellects. It is here that we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, believe lies the significance of pastoral care in education.

Pastoral care can be broadly defined as the commitment of an educational institution towards ensuring the wellbeing and growth of its pupils, including the school community in general. It aims to cultivate such an enriching learning environment that ensures and supports the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development of the students.

It has long been recognized that students’ progress and pastoral care are deeply related for the following factors:

Takes into account the mental wellbeing of children

At Vidsan, we believe that the assistance of the pastoral care team becomes pertinent when it comes to assessing the mental wellbeing of children. At our institute, just as our medical room takes care of the minor injuries and first aids, the pastoral care team is watchful towards the less obvious issues. In our years of being with the young minds, we have seen that the bouts of self-doubt, anxiety, nervousness, and angst can anytime crop up among children. We consider these to be the mental barriers to learning and take it up as our duty to help them get rid of such negativity.

Aids in creating an environment that is conducive to learning

By removing the barriers to learning, the pastoral care team lays the foundation to create a positive environment where the learners can thrive. It is an environment that does not put undue pressure on the tender minds of children but rather ensures that they have the peace of mind to focus on all-round learning with their full potential.

Motivates children by making them feel valued

When students understand that we have a keen interest in not just their academic achievement but also in their general wellbeing, they feel more motivated to achieve success. At the end of the day, it is not a factory production line where we can only rejoice on how good the end product turned out to be. We are an educational institution dealing with real young individuals and their real issues and needs, and pastoral care helps us to focus on that idea.

Brings in a systematic approach to the development of students

Pastoral care is also about incorporating discipline in the lifestyle of the young fledgelings. When it comes to the residential life of the students in our institution, they have to follow certain guidelines regarding timeliness, schedule, and adherence to regulations. We inculcate this methodical approach to their studies early on so that they are able to find and follow a rhythm in the process of development.

We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, regarded as the best boarding school in Delhi NCR, believe that pastoral care should be primarily about maximizing the learning opportunities for the young minds by keeping the focus on every individual and his/her needs. Our pastoral care team has helped to ensure exactly that for our children. We are extremely proud of and grateful to our pastoral care team for giving shape to our vision of establishing a nurturing and caring learning environment for our budding geniuses.

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