There’s Much More to Learning than Marks & Grades

There’s Much More to Learning than Marks & Grades


What do you think is the prime purpose of schooling? We know the first thing that pops up upon putting across this question is learning. But then, do you think learning should remain confined within the boundaries of marks and grades? We don’t think so! Learning is something that is far beyond mere academics. It encompasses grooming the kids in terms of their social skills, emotional intelligence, psychological well-being, as well as cognitive development. After all, what the kids need to grow into honest, decent, and accomplished individuals is their holistic development, which comes only when the young minds are allowed to expand their learning boundaries beyond books and marks.

Being in the education arena for many years, we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, can vouch for the fact that any child can earn good marks and high grades if they are made to mug up everything. But, how long does the knowledge earned this way stay in their minds? Well, probably not beyond just one exam or one term, and that is certainly not what we, at Vidsan Charthouse, aim for. We believe that allowing children to move beyond the confinements of marks and grades and letting them explore the world of knowledge and instigate in them an inherent love for learning is of utmost importance. So today, let us discuss further what should be the key motto behind learning and education in this article below.

Internalising knowledge rather than focusing on grades

We believe when we focus solely on the grades of our brilliant young minds, we take them farther away from the doorways of knowledge. But when an idea or a fact and its applications are well-understood, it gets embedded in the mind forever and can be drawn from as and when required. Learning not only becomes effortless this way but also far more effective. When knowledge is imbibed, the grades are bound to follow. The need is to shift the focus from the grades to knowledge, and academic brilliance will then be naturally ensured.

Keeping fatigue and repulsion away from continued learning

When we constantly push our children for improving their grades and marks, we create a feeling of repulsion in their minds about studies as a whole. The subjects start terrifying them, and sitting with the books and assignments starts with a rather annoyed groan.

We have seen in all these years of teaching the kids that when children are taught with the approach of ‘learn because you need to get good marks,’ the children quickly lose all interest from their studies. Rather, a much more useful approach is ‘learn because isn’t it fun to know new and amazing things?’ That keeps the interest alive and makes learning an organic process instead of something that children have to be goaded into.

Paving the path for the future success of the young minds

In the highly competitive professional world that our children will join in the future, having solely great grades to boast about would hardly get the job done. After all, everyone that reaches a certain top position in a company comes with such outstanding academic records. What sets an individual apart in such a situation is how strong his/her foundation of knowledge is, and the command the person possesses over his/her area of expertise. The seeds of this foundation are laid right from childhood, and children generally miss out on that when the focus is laid merely on grades instead of their holistic development.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, a top ranking school in Delhi NCR, we have always strived to bring out an all-encompassed development of each of our pupils so as to help them turn into lifelong learners in the truest sense of the term. Learning at Vidsan has never remained confined within the academic boundaries. We lay equal emphasis on their communication skills, personality development, cognitive development, psychological well-being, social skills, emotional intelligence, and much more. No wonder, our young fledgelings have been consistently making us proud with their achievements in the extracurricular sphere, just as much they do in the academic sphere. And, we are indeed proud of the fact!

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