True Learning Can Never Be Confined Within Boundaries

Education That Ignites Curiosity is the One That Nurtures the Young Intellects the Most

Children are inherently curious by nature. They hold a vast desire to explore more and learn more to make sense of the world that unfolds before their eyes. So, what happens when we confine such wide-eyed wonders within the confines of traditional classrooms and textbook learning? We end up limiting their potential and curbing their chance at holistic growth, which is so important for their future success.

We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, have always been a firm believer in the fact that learning should be organic and experiential. It should come as much from the textbooks and classrooms, as from the world beyond those confines, because only then can the all-encompassed growth of the young ones be made possible. To that end, we have implemented several ways to ensure that learning at Vidsan doesn’t remain confined within any boundaries. Today, we will shed light upon some of those aspects and how it all aids in delivering true knowledge to our young buds.

The extra-curricular activities that aid in physical and mental agility

At VCH, we have always ensured to lay as much emphasis on the academics as we do on the co-curricular activities. After all, there are life lessons like teamwork, cooperation, leadership, and more that we can never teach kids if we restrict learning solely within classrooms. We firmly believe that true learning encompasses scientific theories, historical knowledge, geographical know-how, and the likes, just as much as it does the real-world lessons such as those mentioned above. The pedagogy and teaching approaches at Vidsan have been designed keeping this aspect in mind.

The tours and excursions to offer them a glimpse of the wider world

We plan trips and excursions for our students every year and have already covered thirty-five countries of the world. It ensures that our young geniuses get to explore more of the world, learn about different cultures, and know about the things that exist beyond their hostels and classrooms. Through excursions, our children learn to embrace the diversity that is present in the world and develop an inherent appreciation for the bounties of Mother Earth. The places they learn about in their books and the diverse cultural traditions about which we teach them in class, it all comes alive before their eyes when we get them to see things firsthand through these trips.

The world-class laboratories for hands-on learning

We, at Vidsan, are proud to have some of the best equipment at our world-class laboratories. Our laboratories for Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, ICT and Languages meet the stringent requirements of the modern world science and technology. The reason why we have given such importance to school labs is because we believe that the lessons from their textbooks can only be embedded in their minds when they get to test it out in real life. It is one of our many attempts towards making learning both fun and organic in every possible way.

The encouragement to learn and know beyond the textbooks at hand

Lastly, we are of the belief that only having all the facilities in place to spread learning outside the confines of classroom boundaries is not enough if we don’t encourage our children in the right manner. We need to constantly motivate the children to explore more about the facts that they pick up in the classrooms. We have the facilities in place, sure, but the zeal to put those to good use should come from within themselves. And, there comes the role of the mentors. Our well-trained teachers know what it takes to spark curiosity in the young minds to help them expand their learning horizons and thereby attain success in their endeavours.

Our aim, at Vidsan Charthouse, one amongst the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR, has always been to prepare well-informed and independent leaders of tomorrow who know how to bridge the gap between academia and industry. And, that goal can never be attained if we let learning remain confined within the walls of the classrooms. At VCH, we let our young fledgelings soar high on the skies of success by empowering them with the winds of true knowledge and enlightenment.

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