Unleashing the Power of Excursions

Unleashing The Power Of Excursions

Learning is an organic process that is continuous and endless. It is certainly not something that can be confined within the scholastic margins. We believe that one of the primary purposes of quality education is to establish an effective connection between the classrooms and the outside world. This facilitates adaptability in children and enables them to excel when they step out into the real world after completing their school life.

To that end, school trips and excursions serve as the most useful ways of establishing this connection between the two worlds. And we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, have always aimed at upholding and maintaining that connection for our students. With strategically planned trips across thirty-five countries throughout the year, we ensure that our young scholars get to interact and establish that crucial link with the world at large in the most innovative and creative ways.

Here’s why we believe strategically planned trips and excursions are highly beneficial for young minds.

Introducing the young minds to the rich historical traditions of the country and the world

We firmly believe in the saying, ‘Our history is what shapes our future.’ Thus, at Vidsan Charterhouse, we lay special emphasis on making our students explore the most historically rich places of the country and abroad. We want our pupils to see history and traditions as a legacy, which is far beyond the reach of the chapters defined in the books.

Enabling the kids to understand and embrace diversity

The trips and excursions enable the children to practically experience the vast diversity that the world holds. When they visit places, they get to interact with different people from varied walks of life. It widens their horizons and makes them more accommodating to the differences in thoughts, cultures, and ideas that make our world such a beautifully diverse place.

Imparting the budding geniuses with the much vital industry-specific knowledge

Our meticulously chosen excursion destinations help in imparting industry-specific knowledge to the fledgelings that prove to be immensely beneficial in their later stages of life. When from a young age, children are familiarized with the world beyond their home and the school, they develop a better insight into the opportunities that are there in store for them.

Developing an appreciation for Mother Earth

There is no denying that our natural environment is under all kinds of threats from pollution, waste accumulation, climate change, and many more. It is hence the need of the hour to teach our young generation to contribute to the environment. Trips and excursions help to connect the children with Mother Earth and its bounties. Children thereby become more aware of the responsibilities they owe towards nature.

Offering a fun way to experientially learn things

Think of a situation where children come to the class every day, read from the textbooks, take down their homework, and go back only to return to this same routine the next day. If it sounds that monotonous to our ears, we can only imagine how unenthusiastic our children will feel when they have to go through this. Excursions serve as a fun and recreational way where children can practically experience the things taught in class.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, ranked among the top 5 IB Schools in Delhi NCR, we believe that when our children gain a new perspective of the world by connecting closely with different cultures, traditions, languages, and communities, it enriches and enlightens them from the core. It strengthens them as an individual setting foot in the next phase of life. Children thus develop a sense of independence among them, which then leads them closer to being socially and intellectually skilled, responsible global citizens that we all want to see them as.

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