What is Visual Memory & How can it be Improved?

Visual memory refers to the ability of storing and retrieving formerly experienced visual perceptions and sensations when the stimuli that initially evoked them aren’t present anymore. This entails that an individual is able to make vivid visual images of the stimuli in mind, and after the stimuli gets removed, he/she is still able to recall or visualize this particular image without any help. To sum it up in simple words, visual memory is the ability to recall or remember information like words, pictures, or activities that have been seen in the past.

If you are wondering why we, at Vidsan Charterhouse are laying such an emphasis on visual memory, it is for the simple reason that this is the kind of memory that directly affects the academic performance of children. Kids who don’t develop the visual memory skills aren’t able to readily reproduce sequences of visual stimuli, which impedes their progress in academics, particularly in math, reading, writing, and spelling. However, the good thing is that visual memory can be remarkably improved by following the given strategies. Read on to help your kids sharpen their visual memory.

Introducing children to memory and concentration games

There are plenty of memory and concentration games found online these days that can be put to use for improving the visual memory of children. In fact, if you have enough time on your hands during this lockdown period, you can even make up some games at home with a little help from the internet.

Making up stories and letting the children continue with it

You must be aware of this game called ‘Chinese Whisper’ that we have all played as kids. Let’s modify it a bit and turn it into a storytelling session. Start your story with a line like, “Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved reading books,” and let your child add the next line.

Teaching the art of keen observation and detailed reflection

Show them pictures of museums or foreign countries and historical places, and ask them to observe the picture keenly. After a while, take the picture away from them and ask them to describe what they saw in detail. It is a great way for them to jog their visual memory.

Recalling shapes and pictures and producing them on paper

We, at Vidsan, a renowned international school in Delhi NCR, would also suggest you to try this other way, where you show them pictures of shapes and designs on paper and ask them to study it for a few minutes. Take the picture away after a couple of minutes and let them draw everything they remember on a paper.

Bringing out the good old game of ‘I Spy’ to the rescue

‘I Spy’ is all about taking turns to find an object in the immediate environment around you and have the other person guess what that object might be by giving them step by step clues. It makes the kids focus on every small aspect of their environment closely, in order to figure out the answer.

Get the children some puzzles to solve with no help from you

Puzzles are a tried-and-tested way to improve visual memory in children. So, go ahead and find the right puzzles according to their age. You will get age-appropriate puzzle games online that you can introduce your child to. Remember, the older your kid, the smaller and higher number of pieces the puzzle needs to have.

Keep in mind that improving visual memory is a continuous process that needs daily efforts. At Vidsan Charterhouse, we ensure that the lessons in improving the visual memory of our students are carried out through games, assignments, and more. But, since children are at home nowadays, we hope these tricks will come in handy for the parents in continuing those lessons.

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