Why Do Children Need a Solid Foundation of Learning Right Since the Early Years of Age

Why Do Children Need A Solid Foundation Of Learning Right Since The Early Years Of Age

Children are more like a sponge when they are young; every new word they hear, every new experience they go through, every behaviour they observe, it is all absorbed into their tender minds. In fact, childhood constitutes the most impressionable years of an individual’s life, and investing in quality education during these delicate years paves the path for a fruitful future. It is hence important that children are moulded and honed holistically during this time, which forms the basis of not only their academic success in the later years but also their lifelong journey.

At Vidsan Charthouse, we believe that establishing a solid foundation of learning during the early years of age form the groundwork for children’s interests and skills. In fact, their grooming at this stage also largely influences who they turn out to be as a person in future. Though a great learning experience from early childhood forms the basis for academic brilliance throughout their student lives, its impact extends above and beyond that. So, let’s take a look today at various reasons that led us to believe that a solid foundation of early childhood learning is of utmost importance for every kid.

The first step towards developing the skills of socialisation

This is the time when children start developing their first socialisation skills as they get introduced to other children. At Vidsan, we believe that as educators, it is also a part of our responsibility to help our pupils have a smooth transition into their own peer groups. After all, their social development will be impaired if we don’t work on overcoming their shyness at this age.

Understanding and implementing the ideas of cooperation

Guided by the teachers, our young buds learn how to share, take turns, cooperate, and preserve their friendships through it all. The lessons of cooperation and sharing might not come naturally to children, but it certainly can be taught from a young age.

The first approach towards holistic development of children

Early childhood mentors help in identifying the areas where each child needs support and build programmes around it to ensure their holistic development. To that end, we, at Vidsan Charthouse, have carved our approach in such a manner that it ensures mental, physical, social, and emotional growth of the children, and thereby aids in the holistic development of our pupils.

Developing the inherent enthusiasm of lifelong learners

At Vidsan Charthouse, we firmly believe that learning, regardless of the age of the learner, should be something that they embrace with joy and excitement. And, the seeds of self-learning have to be sown right from childhood in order to deliver results all through life. Love for learning, reading, nature, and discovery takes root in the early years of childhood. Providing children with a strong learning foundation at this age is hence very important.

An attempt to build resilience in children early on

We believe that an important part of the job for a teacher is to offer a motivating environment, where the young geniuses can learn through firsthand experiences. Agreed, there’ll be bumps, bruises, and a few losses along the way. But at the end of the day, it will help children in developing coping strategies that take them through the bigger challenges of life.

Developing a strong sense of self-confidence and self-belief

Self-esteem, optimism, and self-confidence are things that are best encouraged and developed at a young age. Positive interactions with the teachers during the early days of education are instrumental in creating a healthy self-image amongst the children.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, ranked amongst the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR, we believe that the basic educational benefits of early childhood education, such as numerical knowledge and literacy, are tangible. However, it is the advances that children make towards becoming mature, well-rounded individuals, which make early education such an invaluable part of their lives. Every child is unique in their own way. And this is why we, at VCH, consider the earliest days of learning to be the perfect opportunity to bring out that distinctive in them, and thereby, nurture it to bring forth future brilliance.

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