Why is it important to teach children about social justice?

Why is it important to teach children about social justice

“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” – Winston Churchill, prime minister of the UK (1940-1945)

Historically speaking, classrooms have always set the stage for social changes. Right from the days of Indian Independence movement, to even before during the protests against dictatorship in Greece in 1967, classrooms are where new ideas have been promoted, and new philosophies have taken birth. Taking this into consideration, educational institutions can no longer keep their scopes limited to textbooks and assignments. It is, in fact, the need of the changing times for the educational institutes to widen their scope of education impartation to incorporate critical thinking and self-reflection skills.

The ideas of gender equality, racial discrimination, income disparity, etc. are the things that we need to inform our young generation about and keep the conversations flowing. It is only through discussing and deliberating about all these ideas with our children that we will be able to bring in them a keen sense of social justice.

Here, the question arises why at all, is it necessary to get children thinking about the principles of social justice? Aren’t they too young for all that? No! We, at Vidsan Charthouse, believe that there is no specific age to teach children about social justice, and the reasons for us to believe so are what we will elucidate further upon today.

To develop a sense of fairness and diversity among children

The discussions regarding discrimination, diversity, and bias need to happen at the school level itself as this is the age when children are still forming opinions and learning about the world around them. Through teaching them about social justice, what we teach them is that being different does not mean being wrong, and injustice on those grounds should neither be tolerated nor meted out.

To strengthen the social fibre through the citizens of tomorrow

India has continued to maintain its diversity on the basis of the sense of social justice that exists in the country. It is our children, who being the nation builders of tomorrow, have the responsibility to uphold the peace and unity in the nation. And unless we teach them about the evils that weaken the social fabric, they will not have a clear idea that they are expected to protect and preserve our future.

To mend several behavioural issues that manifest in children

Knowing about social justice and its principles also help in rectifying several negative childhood behaviours. Behaviours like name-calling, online harassment, and bullying stem from the lack of understanding of the differences that exist in society. It comes from the idea that an individual is weaker than or is not as privileged as the person bullying him is, and that is what the ideas of equality and fairness aim to change.

To impart children a better understanding of laws and policies

Social justice is the very basis of the laws and policies in not just our nation, but in free nations all over the world. So, without gaining an insight into what justice entails, our children would not be able to completely comprehend the rules and regulations implemented in the country. After all, we’ll have to keep in mind that our children are the voters of tomorrow, and it is our responsibility to turn them into informed citizens.

At Vidsan Charthouse, positioned among the top 5 IB Schools in Delhi NCR, we firmly believe that teaching children about social justice is immensely beneficial for them as it makes them more welcoming to the diversities existing in the classroom, and then onwards in their professional lives. It makes us immensely proud to see our children upholding the ideas of liberty, equality, and kindness, and we always ensure that the steps to enable their growth into morally and ethically groomed individuals start from our classrooms.

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